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Friday, 23 June 2017

Spring 2017 - Anime Review

As per the title; this post will be about anime review. So below is the list of spring 2017 anime.

Here is another image or list if you want;

Now I do know that the image is small, and blogger just don't magnify the image right. The solution only solution for you is download or "Save As" by right clicking on the image with your mouse.

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Now; down into the review of Spring 2017 Anime & some random rant.

Look; I know what you are thinking when I mention "random rant", unless you are skillful or even bother to dig deep for the information; you are just some random normal forks who just know about the general information.

So if you're piss off; deal with it.

If you are still reading; than congrats , cause you are a supporter of free speech and a person with an open mindset. Be proud; as you are an intelligent one.


So let's get down into main discussion

I am going to give review here to the anime that's can be consider to be worth the time; well, for the other ones will be just so-so.

I'll be going from the most recommended.

1. Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata b

Score / Rate : 100/ 10 (The Score is off chart)

Now you may be wondering why do I recommend this anime the most. You probably have seen that the decoration or the cover to this anime is not that much interesting.
However; "Don't judge a book by it's cover", I believe you've heard this phase before and most likely to be quite familiar with it.

This anime have extreme in-dept meaning to the story as you follow; as well as incredible story and characters development. This anime require you to think a lot for each and ever event that you came across in the anime; unlike other anime of this season which is plain or similar to plain white bread without any topping.

"unlike other anime of this season which is plain or similar to plain white bread without any topping." 
What do I meant by this? Is simple; meaning that those anime have litter to non requirement for you to ponder and think with your brain; thus promoting more of those simple minded people in the world.

I highly recommend this anime to anyone who love to or are the kind who seek the truth or just like in-dept anime story lines. 
Even for me, I had to re-watch the anime again and again just to get all the content and ensure that I miss nothing; I spend hours, literally hours for each and every episode.
If you haven't watch season 1; I highly recommend you do so. 

2. Eromanga Sensei

Score / Rate : 10/ 10 

Do you love Oreimo? Everyone love Oreimo; is a legend of it's own. Well; it may or may not, and I'm not completely solid on that as well. Some of you may not; as you are probably belongs to the "close minded empire" group.

Anyway, if you decide to make a change in your life; and change your mindset. I couldn't recommend more than to explore the vast dimension than to sit in your comfort zone. Who am I directing this to? You, idiot. You are likely one of them. Unless you are offended or is just that kind of person; else is unlikely you would have try to highlight this sentences.

Anyway, let's get on to what this anime is about. Wait, you can already read the summary from the picture; so i'll skip that.  
This anime have pretty great in-dept meaning to the story as well; although is a bit lesser as compare to my 1st recommendation, note that the genre or how this story goes is different. The dept is sufficient. 

While I did kind of felt like ranting about it not really at the level of Oreimo, I also kind of understand why. If I'm to explain that; there will be a too much to explain. So if you are interested to know; then you could ask by posting below or just contact me; even better if you could email me.

The dept of the story, Characters development, music  & etc is just great. I will say that this is another great anime that will be a legend of it's own.
If you haven't watch Oreimo, I recommend you to do so. Of course, you could just watch this directly. There is links between them, but this is still a complete different site or anime title as Oreimo.

So sit back and enjoy the show.

3. Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records

Score / Rate : 9.9/ 10 

You may think this is my 3rd recommendation. Well, since I waited and write this review when I am about to completely check out about this anime (meaning that I write this review pretty late); I suppose we can just put it that way. My 3rd recommendation.

Now to get right down to it, This anime is actually pretty good, there is dept in the story of this anime; while not as deep as the 1st and 2nd recommendation, there is still a surprisingly a decent amount of dept. Although is not good enough to my standard liking; still pretty good though. It might be due to Rumia character; I love her a lot.

The music and character development is not bad. The downside to this anime is that, it's pretty clear that its being rush in this production.
The reason is likely due to the pressure from the streaming industry like Animax or Aniplex, this kind globalist do not appreciate great production but blindly on profit alone. Things get even worse when China is involved; as most of the people of the said country is not ready with their kind of intelligent.
Blame Obama for his naive, stubborn, brat personality.
I am not saying that this anime have china involvement. I'll go to that later for anime that have it as we move along.

Overall; as a conclusion, I'll say that this is a  very good anime. I did recommend you to check it out and enjoy yourself. 

4. Clockwork Planet

Score / Rate : 10/ 10 

You may have notice that the Score/Rate that I've given to this anime is 10/10. Some may say this anime is directed by the wrong studio, some might say not; so which side am I standing on? Will I be on the left? Will I be on the right?

The moment when you thinking of which side you are standing on, you have already failed to even exist as your own self. So do you even exist? or are you just one of those close minded kind of person? Well if you are highlighting this sentence, then you just prove you yourself to be one of those idiots.

Now, let's get right down to it. This anime have very in-dept meaning to the story and every tiny events do have it's meaning (beginner who are new to anime may not understand the story; then again, if you are new; you should be checking out the easier once). The The music is actually pretty good as well as character development. 
While the downside to this anime is likely to be the close to non-existence animated battle scenarios, if it's based on now a days anime standards, the story of how it's told; the music and etc have completely overwhelm the downside of that as you can clearly animate or visualize the battle situation in your head.

The anime production do not felt like it's rushed and the art; while might be drawn kind of "not so nice, maybe" or might be intentional, there is feelings in those arts. I did say the recommendation position on my list is the same as the 3rd anime.

This anime will teach you a lot of things and help your personal growth as well, so I highly recommend this anime. For beginners, I'll recommend this to you as well. Reason is simple, this anime give you quite a lot of opportunity to ponder and think. While the my 1st and 2nd recommendation could be pretty high level for beginner; this anime seems to be a good starting point. Or you could try out "Kino no Tabi" as a stepping stone for beginners.

5. Sakura Quest

Score / Rate : 100/ 10 (off chart again)

I recommend this anime, on the same level as my 2nd recommendation

1 word, Interesting. This anime is very fun to watch. Everything seems to match very well together that I have no idea what to say. 

This anime is like living your everyday normal life, yet you enjoy your days. (This is just a figure of speech).
I'll recommend this anime for anyone.

Also there is another anime that is similar to this. "Shirobako" give it a try.

So enjoy your time.

6. Tsuki ga Kirei

Score / Rate : 10/ 10 

This is indeed a very good anime that "simulate" the middle school dating culture of 2 shy protagonist. Indeed is on the level of simulation. The art, music and event is done well; as well as the fact that this anime do add in the focus of Japanese culture.

Still though, the reason for me to place this in my 5th recommendation list is because; well, it didn't really sit well with me and yet I kind of unable to deny how this anime is properly made. There are quite a decent amount of thoughts place into making this anime.

Still though, the mindset of who ever create this story must be an respectful older generation in the past. 
Now, to the point why it didn't sits well with me. Both of the protagonist is at an age that is capable of thinking with their own mind. However, they both are unable to respect the fact that everyone have their own decision and need to reach an ending of the path they choose. Such example can be seen when the female protagonist is being confessed by the track team captain and that the male protagonist go angry or rather felt annoying.
Now I am not saying jealousy should not arise, but using that to put pressure on your partners like they are some object of yours which will ultimately effect they life events is an act of force. Everyone have feelings , that's why they "exist". 

The reason I have this negative feeling toward this anime is mainly because this anime is going to create more idiots in this world; instead of creating more intelligent and consideration individual. Very few in the world; who will actually think and know how to see the other way when watching this anime, and that's not something that can be fix.

Then again, if you are new to anime or a beginner; this anime is suitable for you and easy to understand. I did recommend you try Fruit Basket and School Rumble.

7. Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka? Gaiden: Sword Oratoria

Score / Rate : 8.9/ 10 

This is the anime to show what is going  on the other side when "HepburnDanjon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darō ka" or in short "DanMachi" is going on.

How the story carry out and showing what is going on in the sidelines really gives the viewer a clearer view of what is happening around that world they live in. 

My score/ rate didn't change much since DanMachi. The deepness of the story is not deep and most of them is pretty much on the surface. Yes, I mention "most of them", so don't go and get the idea that all of them are not deep. about 8/10 of of them is on the surface.

Overall, the anime is pretty fun to watch (though for me is a pass time); and it's very suitable for beginners who are new to anime. As is quite easy to understand.

8. Kenka Banchou Otome: Girl Beats Boys

Score / Rate : 10/ 10 

Are you wondering why is the score/rate of this anime is so high? I assume that you might be thinking about this after reading the anime title; or the other.

While the title is there; and that you might let it fool you that it's not a tiny bit interesting. You'll be surprise how interesting this anime can be. Is not an anime that's short without meaning. Every moment; every second is like gold in this anime as it bring you through the great music, bgm and and fighting martial art style.

This anime is not about Otome love story or something; although you can sort of consider this anime have that, but is just too tiny bits to be consider.

This anime have a pretty cool deep to the story (while not that deep), great music and the feeling of epic events occur every passing second or millisecond. 
This anime is very suitable for anime beginner and is just that fun to watch. This anime will also teach you something valuable if you watch it carefully.

9. Natsume Yuujinchou Roku

Score / Rate : 10/ 10 

If you have been following the series, than you probably have known this anime for a long time. There are multiple season to this anime.

It's very suitable for anime beginner to watch and easy to understand. While showing the deep of the story; this anime will also try to explain so that the viewer will understand the anime.

This anime do show the Japanese culture (although is subtle; so is a bit hard to notice), have decent deep to the story that occasionally is explained, have great bgm and music which is claiming.

10. Zero kara Hajimaru Mahou no Sho

Score / Rate : 5/ 10 

Nothing much to say. except that this anime is "generic". In case you don't know what it means, generic means "formal shared by, typical of, or relating to a whole group of similar things, ratherthan to any particular thing:".

Yes, it's similar to the other normal anime. The anime is not indept, while the music is so so. The only one single that seems somewhat interesting is that the female protagonist is kind of cute, I sort of like her personality. Other than that, there is nothing really interesting about this anime.

However, it will be seen in a different light if you are a beginner toward anime. This anime is very suitable for beginners, so if you are new; and want something that are easy to understand, then this anime is for you.

11. All the generic or 5/10 anime that's worth mentioning

Hinako Note


Boku no Hero Academia Second Season/ S2

Busou Shoujo Machivellism

Sakurada Reset

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation

Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine

Alice to Zouroku

Score / Rate : 5/ 10 

These are all the titles/ normal grade anime that's sort of worth mentioning. However, i'll say they are quite fun to watch. Especially "Boku no Hero Academia Second Season". While the story certainly do not have much depth, well; is still kind of interesting to watch.

Note: Remember that anime that are not mention; are all at the so-so level. which range from score/rate 4.5 to 5.

So why not just watch for fun.

Now for anime that will cause cancer in once brain/ mindset or just plainly not interesting.

To say the truth, i don't really feel like mentioning these anime at all; as these are the anime that is created with China influence or created with China collaboration; or by someone either who have a not so good mindset or are just plain globalist.

I'll only mention few of those anime so that people who are reading this will have either better mindset later on or just "getting dumper by the day".

So let's get down to it;

1. Shingeki no Kyojin Second Season

Score / Rate : 2/ 10

Anime that is created for people who do not think always works as usual. This anime is easy to understand of course; there is no need for you to even think.

The art is good or rather with all those obtained resource, is unlikely that it will not be good. This anime is an epitome of how globalist focus on gaining profit. As this world majorly consist of people who just do not think or rather is just belongs to the lower grade group of people. What do you expect right? or we will be having Steve job or billionaire everywhere and billions of scientists. We will be travelling through the galaxy by now.

This anime typically try to show the fear, frustration but without the use of "thinking" 99.9% of those events. The act of consideration is forcefully push into the anime event. Is the same with season 1; practically brainless.

I did rather watch Tokyo Ghoul over this. comparing Tokyo Ghoul and this anime is like heaven and hell; whereby this anime is just another crap.

2. Re:Creators

Score / Rate : 2/ 10

When it 1st came out, I was hoping that it will be a great anime. I mean why not right? The title is great. However, litter did I know that it will be another one of "Aldnoah Zero". This anime is basically crap; there is no need for you to think, consideration and thoughts are all forcefully push into the anime.

This anime is a litter better than "Aldnoah Zero", and that litter bit of difference is just the characters personality. Ripping the great title and following the trend, this tactic is so familiar that is too old of an joke; that's your typical globalise who just want to rip all those names and claim the Intellectual Property of it.

This name "Re:Creator" is a really great name; however the anime is crap. It's suitable for beginner who is new to anime of course, but litter do they know that this or more something that will not encourage their individual growth via "thinking" for example. 

Honestly; this anime is more like something around the mix of cartoon backbone and anime drawing. The same with "Aldnoah Zero". Both are the same. Is like a 30 year old kid that still needs your mom or sister to babysit or feed you.

If you like anime that is so generic that put everything in front of you, than these are the anime for you. 

3. Renai Boukun

Score / Rate : 2/ 10

Another China collaboration product. Well the writer is not in China, but in Japan apparently. However that does not imply that they are not Chinese which just recently come from China and not well verse with how anime works.

This company apparently is with China or related to. You may think, where are the proof and start to pestering me for it. You know what, when you are doing that; it clearly show's that you are the communist from China with your mindset still being heavily polluted. 

Such information can be dig out easily, if I can find it; why is it you can't? Go and proof your moronic idea somewhere. Why do I have to waste my time to give all those information to you for free? how many times I have to do that for nothing.

Unless you are some beginner toward anime, else; the answer is no. By the way, no point trying to lie your way out.

This anime, if you ever watch it; you'll be able to tell that this is a huge rip-off from the "Encyclopedia of Anime" (figure of speech). If you know how China or its people does things, you'll know that 99.9% of everything they do is all rip-off product from somewhere.

This anime is no exception. They try to push all the Tsundere and etc elements together, the story is forcefully push and smash together like making smash potato, with the difference being that aside from smash potato with salt; there is additional processed meat, processed fruit, plastics and etc.

The anime is messy and might cause cancer to you if you have a weak mind. Your mindset may become something strange. If you want to know whether your mind is durable enough; please watch Lelouch The Rebellion

This is not an anime, but a Cartoon from China.


This mark the end of of the Review!!!

Man, this is work, typing and editing the pictures and code is just annoying and took hours! 10 hours; yup is about that long.

So Again!
If you are able to read till the end, I want to say thank you.
Be proud, as you are an intelligent one.

Please let me know your thoughts by commenting below or visit our Facebook page and let me know there.

Enjoy your day.
Let me know if you have any request or so. 

Anything is fine, really. Such can be anime figurine, Anime video, Music, streaming, downloads; or even purchase of Visual Novels, Anime, or even figurine from the proprietary site that will directly support your favourite Creator.

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Let's move forward together; to become a greater existent!!


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