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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Science : Honey Extracting Tips and Tricks

Science  : Honey Extracting Tips and Tricks

Well then, if you happen to visit this blog and/or check out the previous post about honey bees; then I guess you are wondering about how you can harvest honey.

Well rather than further explaining; I will just share a video first.

Note that the below video is shared from Cody'sLab; Youtube Channel. There is quite a lot of cool stuff there ;)

Honey Extracting Tips and Tricks

By now; if you have watch the video till the end, you may have some question came up.
1 of those question is "which is honey and isn't their a honey comb?"

I am not quite sure if this is the question that you'll be asking, then again; I am just randomly guessing.

So Anyway, honey is basically substances gathered by honey bees and fill in to the honey comb. Honey which are ready for extraction; are those filled honey comb that is being capped with bee wax.
Unless is capped; is not ready for extraction or harvesting.

Of course you could still eat or consume those honey that is not yet ready for extraction; the only difference is the water or moisture content in those honey is higher and will taste less like real honey; assuming that if you ever tasted honey extracted from capped honey comb.

You can even eat the bee wax together with the honey. Don't worry nothing will happen.

I guess that the end, not sure if there is anything else to explain; so that's that.

Enjoy the picture 😏😏😏


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