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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Hi All :) Here is an update of what is going on before any official topic will be discuss ^_^

Hi all; here is an update of what is going on before any official topic will be discuss 😊😊

Well then, here is an update of what this blog are currently doing. Before for any official topic will be discuss or post in this blog:

  1. I intend to improve the blog or user experience when visiting this blog.
  2. This blog; or the reason for doing this changes, is because I am using this blog as an test subject for the coming up website which I will be creating and publish.
  3. Currently this blog is new; thus I do not gain any revenue through ads.
  4. The Ads you saw for the music player is belongs to another publisher. In which I do not affiliate with.

  1. What will be the coming up website will be about?
    A: It will be related to Anime, Figures, Visual Novels. You'll likely be able to download Anime or Steam Anime.
  2. What will be this blog for then?
    A: This blog will be giving News, Updates & etc that is related to fun. Even Technical stuff such as Computer Hardware evaluation or programming can be fun. Of course; if by any chances we or I have the extra time, I'll post some interesting Bots that can automate certain tasks for you guys . (^_^)

    Ah, by the way; I'll also do anime review; games and such. You can pretty much imagine what I will be doing here. You can hope for Visual Novels related topic as well. 😏😏
  3. Will there be any Visual Novel translation topics?
    A: Yes; there may be some will be here. However; since it require time for doing translation. You'll need to let me know or I won't be doing that as it's very resource taxing.

Alright, with all said and done; let me know down in the comments below if you have any request or any different thought.

Until next time!! Ja na ~>


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